by Existence Cemetery

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Probably my most experimental album as EC to date

This is an album based entirely in limitations and complications. This album was put together at a time where I couldn't use my computer for months at a time. So, this album is one part recycled tracks from releases I never put out, one part acoustic recordings and seeing what I can manage to do with my surroundings, and one part doing what I can with what I have on public computers, such as at my school, where specifically in the A/V classroom the computers have Audition.

The limitations/methods of making the song are listed in the lyrics section of each track.

This will be out on Big Pharma Records soon with 2 BPR-exclusive bonus tracks


released April 28, 2016

This album at times is probably better suited for Ragk but hey what're you gonna do?



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Existence Cemetery

A sloppy, unimaginative excuse for a "musician"

If you're new here, "Track Crosscontamination!" is a good place to start

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Track Name: No Thanks
Originally from an album named [untitled] that I never put out
Track Name: Solipsistic Motherfucker
Also originally from [untitled]
Track Name: Alone and Confused
Recorded acoustically, instruments include a synth app on my tablet and a drum I have
Track Name: Tape on Tape
I discovered that if you don't hold the play button on my tape player all the way down it speeds up the tape a little. I recorded myself doing this while my friend watched a VHS of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The tapes were an old one I got at Love Garden and the Bullshit Market/Contraktor split.
Track Name: You mean nothing to me.
Weird ambient piece I was able to put together on a computer in the public library
Track Name: What's Good For You? [with Snail Gal]
Snail Gal and I running around on a wooden platform next to the public library at midnight.
Track Name: Tomorrow, you and I
Detuned acoustic guitar improv with very heavy editing using a public library computer
Track Name: City Mountain
Beating on a pole in a park while my sister plays. Minimally edited on my tablet.
Track Name: Nothing
Pulling the tape out of a cassette I got at Love Garden, crinkling it up, twisting it up, and drawing on it while feeding it back into the tape player